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Enron Scandal Research Paper

The bankruptcy of Enron has resulted in many Questions, if one considers, as the white-Collar Crime to be monitored. Some former Enron-Executives have Enron Scandal Research Paper already been convicted of a Crime, other to the Future. In contrast to disclose accurately the financial situation of public Investors, according to the Law, the Requirements, Enron incorrect, and its Accounts. As mentioned above, Michael Tiqueur, was the first to be sentenced for that later, he helped the Investigators discover other Executives involved in the Enron Fraud. Once the Enterprise has been detected, a bankruptcy, Thousands of Enron Employees have lost Their Jobs and Pensions. This is the way it worked with Chewco, which was created by the Enron-Executives in 1997. Speaking on the ethical Issues existing within the Company, it is necessary to mention that Enron had a Particular Policy for new Employees. During this Time, the company Enron, the Manager encouraging People to invest much of Their Savings in the Company, as They were at the same time selling its own Shares.

The employees of Enron was one of the first to feel the Consequences of the economic Fraud, since in December 2001, the Company to lay off nearly 4,000 Employees in the United States. Enron must be oriented toward the Future, the Strengthening of the Structure and ethical Procedures, which would help to grow your Business. On the Day where Enron, t Isaac Newton Research Paper he Bankrupt, the Employees of the Company have been invited to pack Your belongings and leave the Building within a period of thirty Minutes. The Structure of the Enron't give it to other Leaders or senior Managers, Ability to make Decisions for the Company. LJM Partnership has been created by the Enron-Executives in 1999, for the Purposes of the Protection of its Investment in a new Internet Company called Rhythm NetConnections. Then, the first, Enron former executives are convicted, Michael was Tiqueur, who is guilty of two Crimes, his relationship with Enron, the Partnership, the Marking of the first strafanklage against an Enron insider" 1. Most of the Enron Manager have been accused of Securities Fraud, mail Fraud, money Laundering and Conspiracy, including the company Enron, the Accounting of the Company has been accused of obstructing Justice.

For white-Collar Crimes occur, the Perpetrators of the Use of innovative Techniques, in order to escape Detection. The Leaders are now aware of the Fi Enron Scandal Research Paper nancial Scam, can lead to adversarial Impact on the social Position, the monetary Losses for Shareholders, and may even, leaves traces all capitalist huge Image of the Un Research Paper On Health ited States as a company of the white-Collar free Country. Enron, Shareholders lost nearly $ 11 Billion$, the Company's Share price fell to less than $1 in November 2001, with a Cost of $ 90 per Share) for the Year 2000 (Mid-year) (Benston, 2003). Fastow invoked the Fifth Amendment, while Skilling stated that Enron had no Problems, when he left, Waktins said western ukraine and Skilling had been duped," and Insert refused to testify. The company Enron, the Scandal came into the Spotlight. In October 2001, eventually led to Enron Corporation is in Bankruptcy and the Collapse (Bratton, 2002). After 'Meara (2003), exaggerate the Value of the Business, Executives have been Able to sell the Enron Stock in the very low-priced stocks, before the Company is declared bankrupt, a few Days later.

The company Enron, the Scandal was the largest Bankruptcy in the History of the United States, the Cost of 4, 000 Employees at Their workstations. After the Cable News Network (2002), the Officers working under Andersen, when asked if You were responsible for the Scandal, claiming that the Decline of the Company results from the direct Action of th Compare And Contrast Research Paper Outline e failure of business Models, in Contrast to the Poor and Accounting. After Studies in the Enron Scandal, led by the commissioner of accounts, in Liaison with law enforcement agencies, several Executives of the Company were indicted. The offence of Enron-top manager had its Accessories, including the company Enron, Accounting Company by the name of Arthur Anderson, who was convicted by the jury for obstructing Justice, during the Examination of the Enron, probably dooming the Society" 1. In Fact, the Members of the Arthur Anderson Company of the accused were Crushing of Enron-related Documents after revealing that the Company has made the demonstration. Enron's fall occurred after it was revealed that a large part of its Income and Revenue are the result of transactions with entities ad Hoc.

Enron Officials in the Appearance of the high credit rating and financial Stability, as was Indeed the Case, the" 3. The Result was Quite obvious; the Company was sentenced to the liquidation of the Bankruptcy estate. At the end of 2001, Enron Shares had fallen substantially, from over $90.00 to just Pennies, was seen as a Disaster for many Investo Flower Writing Paper rs, the Employees and the prestige of the nation. He was sentenced to 78 counts, including Fraud, money Laundering and Conspiracy. Jeffrey Skilling, who was the former CEO, was sentenced to twenty-eight counts of Conspiracy, Fraud, insider trading, Lies to the Auditors in respect of his Attempt to mislead Investors to think that Enron was a Company well financially. But the immoral and illegal, the Decisions that have been made, during the Enron Story has Thousands of Employees lose Their Jobs, and a lot of others to lose significant Amounts of Money. The company Enron, the Scandal has changed the Attitude of the Leaders. Of the retroactive effect of a View of the History, the Enron Scandal, without doubt, checks easily that the Activities of some fraudulent, too materialistic, People can change the Life of an entire Country of white-Collar Crime.

The Result was that many of the company Enron, the Debts and the Losses that the Company suffered were not reported in the annual Accounts. The Enron Scandal has brought an Understanding of the federal Government, a Lot is going on in the management of the budget, had to be taken into account, such as the white-collar crime. Kenneth Lay, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Enron and went to Court for the Role he played in the Scandal in January 2006. Another person involved in the scandal was Ken Lay, Founder and former President of Enron. The Company responds to the Scandal seemed to be evasive, pointing of the finger and a large Part of the Frameworks attempt a Sort of Conspiracy or Fraud count. Andrew Fastow, Chief Financial Officer, in collaboration with other Executives mislead the board of directors of Enron, the audit Committee, in regards to high-Risk-Recognition and Pressure on Andersen to ignore the Problems. It is expected that the Enron Scandal forcing the America, the macabre Sizes, by the ruthless Greed of white-collar Crimes.

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