Catching up with our Customers: Harby Moses of Coastal Structures

In this month’s  installment of our “Catching up with our Customers” series, we are interviewing Harby Moses Jr., who formed Coastal Structures Corporation in 1990. Based out of Georgetown, SC (on the South Carolina coast), Coastal Structures is a mid-size, full-service contractor that provides unmatched commercial construction services around an 80-mile radius of their headquarters. Having been in business more than 25 years, the company maintains the highest standards of quality, service, and commitment to meeting the expectations of their clients. Read about the company’s mission, employees, featured projects, and how they stand out among their competitors by reading the five minute Q&A below.

Full Q&A Below

  • Tell us about Coastal Structures, its history as a company, and the main services offered
    • Coastal Structures was founded in October of 1990 and has just celebrated 30 years in business. We are a full service general contractor specializing in commercial and medical construction. We also have our own concrete crews that do industrial concrete projects.
  • What projects are you most excited about right now and why?
    • With the covid crisis this past year, right now we are excited about almost every project we have. We do have some very interesting medical work coming.
  • Any favorite previous projects that come to mind? If so, tell us about them.
    • I think one of the more interesting projects we have done over the years was the Hollywood wax museum in Myrtle Beach. We had to make a two story building into three stories within the same envelope. It also included building a structure big enough to go from the ground up and over the roof and strong enough to hold a New York City skyline with a 30,000 lb gorilla hanging off of an Empire State building.
  • What areas does your company mainly serve? Do you have plans to grow outside the current area you serve?
    • Right now, we serve an approximate 80 mile radius from Georgetown, South Carolina. Of course, we will go outside of that for the right project. At this time, I don’t think we have specific plans to grow outside of our area but I won’t say it won’t happen given the right circumstances.
  • How are you different from your competition?
    • I think we are different in our transparency. Most of our projects are cost plus with a guaranteed maximum price. We provide the owner a backup of every invoice we receive on the project. There are absolutely no surprises or hidden costs. Anything we are able to save under the gmp all goes back to the owner. There is no split.
  • How many employees do you have?
    • Currently we have around 50 employees. We stay pretty close to that level.
  • Why do you like working with NSCS?
    • We have a great salesman in Clint Paul. He really understands when one of our needs is an emergency and he goes out of his way to help us. Most of what we buy is concrete and masonry related — rebar and concrete products being the biggest items.
  • What should others know about NSCS that they may not know?
    • I think the biggest thing someone should know about NSCS is that they understand the construction process and are very knowledgeable in their products.